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"It doesn’t have a meaning anymore"

One man doesn’t define a genre.Sorry.I have respect for Skream, but nah mate, nah.

lol u wot m8

<jesus, how fucking crazy is that!? in celebration i’ve decided to upgrade to a pro account so all my previous downloads that hit the 100 dl limit are now available to download again, i will also be giving away a free ep of some of my most sought after dubs, so please share if you fancy that :)

Cris Fern - She Is [free download]

R.I.P Chris Fern, passed away this weekend, very strange, we werejust talking about hip hop on thursday, such a shame, very nice guy.

nothing quite rocks my socks like a girl who can work red lipstick, a pale girl with red lipstick is a goddess in my eyes.

Valuable life lesson learnt last night, don’t do MD at a family gathering.

All I want is a girl that drinks beer, loves watching movies, cooks me breakfast and sits on my face, jesus dies for this shit wtf. Sort me out


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